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Thanks for following me. If you're a writer too (or an aspiring writer) you might find some of what follows very useful. I certainly have. Let me know if it helps you, and don't be shy ... say 'hi'. :) 

It occured to me that I've put loads of useful advice up on the web, and it might help you if I pulled a stack of it together and just gave it away free. What do you think? Here you go. Hope it helps you. 

Writing Inspiration
Your Writing Space
  1. Desk and Chair
  2. Computer
  3. A Home for Books
Keep Dreaming When Times Are Tough
The Business Side of Writing
(There are Free options for all these)

This is just the start. I've got LOADS of writing wisdom to share with you as my training courses roll out over the next few months, but I hope this helps you.

Best wishes,



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P.P.P.S. All the tools here are free - or there are free options - but if you pay for stuff I might earn some pennies as I'm an affiliate for some of the tools I use most often. I'll also make money if you or your friends buy my novel, or other books or products for which I charge money. A new 'stating-the-bleeding-obvious' law necessitates that I spell this out for you, so don't think I'm patronising you. I know you're clever enough to work this out for yourself. The government, however, thinks you're a chimp with the intellect of a carrot*

*Allegedly. I can't verify this information. The government may think you're very clever.